For over six decades, we have been providing investment advice and consistent, time-tested results to individuals, families, corporations, endowments and foundations.

We provide diversified, high-quality investment portfolios that are customized to meet your specific needs.

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Portfolio Management

We believe interaction between you and our investment professionals is key to ensuring your satisfaction with investment results. We provide each client with a dedicated portfolio manager who incorporates your investment goals and risk appetite. The portfolio manager will evaluate your existing portfolio regularly with you to evaluate asset allocation, tax-loss harvesting, portfolio yield, risks, and performance. Your portfolio implementation will take into consideration your goals as well as you current and future tax brackets and liabilities. The portfolio manager will consult with you to establish the strategy and asset allocation best suited for you.

Stocks and Bonds: Risk vs. Return

(1970 - 2016)
  • Maximum risk Portfolio:
    100% Stocks
  • 80% Stocks / 20% Bonds
  • 60% Stocks / 40% Bonds
  • 50% Stocks / 50% Bonds
  • Minimum risk Portfolio:
    33% Stocks / 67% Bonds
  • 100% Bonds

Investment Philosophy

First American Trust is an open architecture investment management firm. Our investment philosophy focuses on achieving client investment goals by prudently investing in diversified, risk-aware investment portfolios. Our asset allocation process encompasses a diversified approach that provides exposure to U.S. and international equity markets, U.S. fixed income securities markets and alternative investments. Dedicated Portfolio Managers provide portfolio construction and ongoing management to help maintain focus on the client's mandate and assist in avoiding deviations due to changing market conditions.

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Our active portfolio management process allows for identification of favorable investment opportunities based on our multi-faceted investment analysis. Although we believe in the efficient market hypothesis over the long term, short term price inefficiencies provide opportunity for long term price appreciation. Our fundamental, technical, and valuation evaluations form the basis of a repeatable and time honored process to deliver long term results commensurate with assumed levels of risks. First American Trust’s analysis incorporates the top-down macro-economic climate with bottom-up company specific performance and expectation evaluations. Our investment style is “economic cycle aware” to provide a backdrop for both industry and fixed income performance expectations. Fundamental company business models and credit profiles are evaluated to maximize return while maintaining risk awareness. Risks are identified and monitored to ensure adherence to the prevailing investment rationale. Divergence of expected results enforces our sell disciplines.

Investment Strategies

We offer several distinct investment strategies, focused on preference for capital preservation, downside risk protection, value and growth or income investing. These strategies are designed to complement each other in order to meet your investment objectives.

Core Individual Securities

  • Long-term market participation
  • Diversified by application of modern portfolio theory per Harry Markowitz
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Enhanced Income ETF

  • Value and income investing
  • Benefits from value focused investing per Fama and French
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Global Tactical Asset Allocation

  • Downside protection and real return
  • Incorporates behavioral economics to protect against downside risk
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Investment Process

These three analyses identify the best investments, priced attractively, and properly timed. When our views differ from market expectations, multiple perspectives provide additional risk control. Our technical analysis is further used to influence our sell discipline and to indicate when an actual investment may be near a peak.

All holdings are monitored on a continuous basis. A review is triggered when any of the following events occur:

  • Earnings surprises
  • Valuation concerns
  • Deterioration of industry fundamentals
  • New legislation
  • Mergers or spin-offs
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Technical weakness
  • Credit rating changes
Investments Process

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