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Firm highlights

First American Trust® provides nationwide service through ten bank branches and five wealth management offices.

$5.9B in assets,
$681M in bank regulatory capital
FDIC member since 1985
Does not originate any real estate, commercial, or personal loans
Specialized in escrow and real estate industry-related deposits
Invests primarily in Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), supported by the U.S. Treasury
$4.61B assets under administration including
$2.33B in assets under management
Each employee is bonded and insured
84% of deposits invested in cash and Agency securities
Federally regulated by the OCC, a division of the U.S. Treasury
Moody's Rated A1/P1

Wealth Management Services

We have been advising high-net-worth individuals and families in the areas of investment management, wealth planning and trust services for over six decades. Setting expectations, understanding goals and respecting the uniqueness of each client is the foundation for delivering desired results and building trusted relationships with our clients. Our customized solutions are based on a philosophy that emphasizes prudent portfolio construction, consistent investment returns, and uncompromising commitment to putting our client's best interest first. We are a client focused investment management firm with a history of fiduciary excellence.

Banking Services

We provide comprehensive banking solutions with automated processes to streamline your banking needs. We have experience in processing high-volume, large-dollar transactions typical in the real estate escrow process. Our experts will work with you to improve the speed, security, and efficiency of your operations. Our products are secure, efficient, and tailored to the needs of professionals in the real estate settlement services industry. We have a team of dedicated specialists to support the achievement of your institution's goals.

Client Commitment & Value Proposition

First American Trust strives to deliver favorable client outcomes through trustworthy professional experts.

Our Team

Matt McCreadie
Matt McCreadie Chief Executive Officer
Teri L. Pierce
Teri L. Pierce Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Rodney Ondatje, CRCM, CFIRS<sup>™</sup>
Rodney Ondatje, CRCM, CFIRS Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer

Our Wealth Management Team

Jerry Braakman
Jerry Braakman President, Chief Investment Officer
Beth Vasquez, J.D., LL.M
Beth Vasquez, J.D., LL.M Senior Vice President, Chief Fiduciary Officer, Legal Counsel
John Metzger, CFP<sup>®</sup>, AEP<sup>®</sup>
John Metzger, CFP®, AEP® Senior Vice President, National Director of Wealth Management
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Our Bank Services Team

Marie Garvey
Marie Garvey Chief Product Officer
Sheri Olsen
Sheri Olsen Senior Vice President, National Director
Jennifer Sabado
Jennifer Sabado Vice President, Business Development
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First American employees contribute their passion, time and money to support a variety of causes nationally and locally.

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Working at First American

Our shared values establish a workplace experience that encourages exceptional service, innovation, and happy and engaged employees. We believe investing in our people will ultimately create better customer experiences and a more productive organization.

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